Simple Shower Organization Tip

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It doesn’t get easier than this Simple Shower Organization Tip!Simple Shower Organization Tip: Add a second rod in the back with "S" hooks to hang things

Getting the bathroom organized with three small kids is an ongoing process, but we stumbled upon a simple way to organize our shower during one of our many Air Force moves.

As a general rule, I am not a fan of brass fixtures so when we had moved into this house I couldn’t wait to replace the brass shower curtain.  When my husband put in the more decorative one, he moved the old one to the back of the shower temporarily.  It stayed there for a while until one day it occurred to me that it would be a great place to hang some of our many shower puffs and the basket of the kid’s bath toys.  I pulled out a few shower curtain hooks and now it’s all nice and organized!


All you need is a cheaper shower rod and some extra hook-style curtain hangers.  Simple and cheap! You can even hang little plastic baskets from the hooks to organize bath toys or shampoo bottles.

Random Update:  After seeing this pinned on Pinterest, my cousin wrote me and told me that perhaps we should just quit hoarding shower loofahs.  I suppose we do have way more than we need!  :) But you get the idea…you don’t have to hang a million loofahs…there’s wet swimsuits, wet wash cloths, and a reader wrote me to say that she even uses hers to dry cloth diapers.
Happy organizing!
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  1. Hey, I found you on tip junkie submit your tip page but the link didnt work so I got your site by hovering on the image and getting your site’s address. thought if you could update it so clicking on her picture would lead you here would be easier for new viewers like me

    • Thanks for letting me know. I checked all my links on Tip Junkie and couldn’t find one that doesn’t work properly. I know she’s been having a lot of site issues during her transition to the community. I couldn’t get on the site all morning so maybe that’s why. If it was for this tip/post, it’s not one I’ve personally listed so if someone else added it, I don’t think I can edit it.

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  3. That is awesome! What a great idea! Found this post on Pinterest. :)

  4. awesome!

  5. I found this posted on Pinterest two days and was so excited–this is exactly what I need for hanging up the kids swimsuits, toys, etc. I got a shower rod off Freecycle yesterday and put it up last night. I had some extra shower curtain hooks, so all my stuff is already hanging up. Woohoo, my bathroom is looking great! Thanks!

  6. this is absolutely super clever!!!

  7. this is genius! I’m going to copy this idea for my house. I think I’ll try using shower rings to hold multiple shower caddies!

  8. SUCH a super idea! I’m featuring it on my blog this week:
    Thanks for sharing!

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