How to Etch Glass


Did you know etching glass is relatively simple?  All you really need is a stencil and some etching cream!  The possibilities of the things you can make with this basic concept are endless.

What You’ll Need:

  • Something glass (*Some kinds of Pyrex do not etch well)
  • Etching Cream (such as Etch All or Amour Etch)
  • Sqeegee (nice but not necessary)
  • Contact Paper
  • Silhouette or Exacto Knife to cut stencil
  • Small Paint brush

First, come up with a design.  I used my Silhouette Cameo for this part and cut my stencil from contact paper.

Etching screen shot


Use a squeegee (or credit card or something of the like) to make sure there are no bubbles around the etching area and to ensure the stencil is on well around the edges of the lettering/design.


Be sure to put the centers of the letters like “A’s” and “O’s” back in if applicable!



Use a paintbrush to put on the etching cream.  You want it thick but you don’t want to use too much either.  I used a shoebox to hold my casserole dish while I worked.


The bottle of etching cream recommended letting the cream sit 15 minutes but I checked and it didn’t look done so I let it still a total of 30 minutes.  After time is up, use your squeegee to scrape off the excess cream because you can put it back in the bottle and reuse it!

Rinse the rest of the cream off with warm water with the stencil still on.


Then remove the stencil, discard, and wash your item thoroughly.  It is dishwasher safe.



I also tried etching a mirror for my coming daughter’s nursery and it came out pretty cute!  I’ll be posting a more detailed tutorial on the mirror soon.


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Happy crafting!


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  1. Great demo! How do you load the contact paper? Do you use a mat? What blade setting on your Cameo? Sorry to bomb you with questions but I found lots of great glass items at Dollar Tree for $1. Thank you!

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