President’s Day Weekend Fun

People always ask how I find time to craft/sew/blog as a mom of two toddlers.  As a general rule, I only craft during the week and reserve weekends for focusing on family time.  I don’t post a whole lot on our day-to-day lives, mostly because we live in a small town and there’s not too much exciting to share.  But this past weekend was a 3 day weekend for us and we decided to visit Oklahoma City overnight as a last hoorah before baby #3 arrives (in just about 20 days or so. AGH!!).  So here’s our fun weekend in a few pictures…

For the record, no, they’re not always so sweet to each other.  In fact, the public displays of affection are very, very rare.  First we visited Myriad Botanical Gardens.  Really pretty but SO hot.  They keep the greenhouse at a very muggy 95 degrees.  I hate the heat anyway but at 9 months prego, I couldn’t wait to get to the park next door after!


The park was so unique.  Nothing traditional about it but so many cool things to explore and do and the kids loved it.



Any fun afternoon usually ends like the below picture as soon as we make it back to the car…which usually means we aimlessly drive around for an hour when we’re out of town so they get a little nap in.

Then we stayed at an hotel with an awesome indoor kiddie pool and spend several hours swimming before retreating to our room for an early night and a Whole Foods picnic dinner on the floor.  (And for any Prego Police, yes, my sushi was cooked).



When we got home Monday afternoon we tried out this fun Pinspired Project from The Hippie Housewife.  I love mess-free crafts for toddlers!!!
I usually take most of the pictures but my hubby did manage to get one of me:

…And now it’s time to get back to mounds of laundry…

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