Fabric Yo-Yo Lampshade

Fabric Yo Yo Lampshade

This is a fun, simple project that will brighten up any room!

Fabric Yo Yo LampshadeFabric Yo Yo Lampshade

What You’ll Need:
Fabric Scraps
Buttons or Covered Button Kit(s)
Needle and Thread
Ric Rac or Ribbon
Hole Punch (or something similar to cut holes in lampshade)
Fabric Glue (like FabricTac) or Glue Gun and sticks

Start by making holes in your lampshade as desired.  I actually found a cheap one a Target that had holes and took out the ribbon that was in it.  See the above “Before” pic to see how the holes are placed.  Thread ribbon or ric rac through the holes as shown below, starting and ending the ric rac inside the lampshade.  Tie or glue ends of ric rac to secure.

Fabric Yo Yo Lampshade
Make several fabric yo-yo flowers.  I used large circles about 7.5″ in diameter.

Fabric Yo Yo Lampshade
Here’s a quick tutorial for how-to make a fabric yo-yo.  I use a a needle with the thread doubled up, as I find one thread usually breaks when I pull the yo-yo closed.
Fabric Yo Yo Lampshade
Embellish centers with buttons or covered buttons.  Glue yo-yo’s on lamp as desired.
Fabric Yo Yo Lampshade

How simple is that?!
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  1. What a cute shade! :)

  2. Super cute! I love the idea of threading the ricrac through like you did. Thanks for the wonderful inspiration!

  3. oh, Oh, OH!!! I LOVE! Pinning Immediately :)

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