New Year, New You: Beyond Running

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Beyond Running: Cross-training, fuel and recovery snacks, vitamins and supplements...

Here are just a few more points of interest for running week before we finish up tomorrow with How to Stay Motivated and a Giveaway for a 1 Year Subscription to Women’s Health Magazine on Sunday.  The following are simply a few of my favorite workout and health-related things.

1. What I do on Cross Training Days

For the most part, I run every other day.  On cross-training days (2-3 days a week), I do TurboJam.  My doctor said I need to do more strength training and I love the Turbo Sculpt DVD within that set and the Cardio Party is really fun and burns a lot of calories.  For yoga days, I love Body by Bethenny, which has about a 40 minute yoga workout and a 15 minute optional strength training segment.  This is the only yoga DVD that made me like yoga!  I also have her newer one, Skinnygirl Workout, and it’s great because you get 3 shorter segments (Two 15 minute segments and one 20 minutes one).  Finally on workout days I want something fairly low-impact I do Leslie Sansone’s Walk at Home 5-Mile Fat Burning Walk DVD.  I burn about 500 calories when I do all 5 miles and it’s an “easy day” kind of workout that’s still effective.

2. My favorite running and workout fuel/recovery

I searched and searched for an Organic ready-to-drink shake and came across Orgain.  It rocks!  With 3 little ones, sitting down to eat breakfast is rare and I have one of these shakes at least 6 days a week.  It was created by a doctor who had cancer and it’s full of fruits and veggies and most importantly, it tastes great.  It comes in Creamy Chocolate, Sweet Vanilla Bean, Iced Café Mocha and the new Strawberries & Cream.  The chocolate flavor is my favorite, but my Mom loves the vanilla and my husband, the Iced Café Mocha.

One of the snacks I like to keep on hand for my kids is the Kids Clif Z Bars.  They’re organic, made with whole grains, and contain a  good dose of vitamins and minerals.  Most are around 130 calories and I usually grab one for a post workout snack.

I’m also a big fan Chobani 0% Yogurt.  My favorite flavors are the Pineapple and the new Blood Orange.  Great for a healthy sweet treat.

3. Calorie tracker

I tried Weight Watchers and liked it but I ended up settling into using Livestrong My Plate because it’s free and it already has pretty much every food you try to enter in its food library.

4. Supplements

Ever since I got mono back in college, I’ve had a horrible immune system so keeping up on my vitamins is essential for me.  I was using JuicePlus for a few months and it’s awesome but just far too expensive for our budget.  I started researching alternative and came across Natrol Juice Festiv.  At 1/3 the price of JuicePlus, I’m in love!  I take two fruit and two veggie every morning.

From the site: What is JuiceFestiv? Now it’s easy to get many of the benefits of fruits and vegetables with Natrol JuiceFestiv. A powerful antioxidant supplement, JuiceFestiv is an organic blend of super fruits acai, pomegranate, mangosteen and noni. With essential vitamins and nutrients, it provides a full spectrum of naturally occurring colors from a variety of fruit to give you many of the benefits nature intended!

I’m also hypothyroid which makes losing weight and keeping energy more of a challenge.  My friend recommended the GNC VitaPaks.  I take the Energy Vitapaks.  They are working great for me.  I can actually stay up past 9pm these days.  There’s 4 pills in a pack and I take them with lunch.  Taking pills doesn’t bother me at all but if it does you, you may not like the VitaPaks.

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  1. 1

    Ooh great tips Dawn! Ever since my last baby I’ve had knee issues that have kept me from running…I’ve been in physical therapy for a little while now but my orthepedist says its going to be a chronic thing that comes and goes. I just bought a Wii with Wii Fit and a Yoga/Pilates game too and I like that but I’m going to check out that walking video and the TurboJam you mentioned.

  2. 2
    Pamela Halligan says:

    My favorite before and after running drink is coconut water. It tastes delicious and seems extra hydrating. SOBE makes a really good coconut water. Thanks for the great posts.

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