New Year, New You: My Favorite Running Gear and Apps

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My Favorite Running Gear and Apps

One of the best parts about running is you don’t need anything fancy other than a good pair of running shoes but there are a lot of gadgets that are helpful.  These are my personal favorites.

1. Running Shoes

I got fitted at a running store and after trying many pairs, I started out in Asics Gel-Cumulus shoes and I loved them!  I have a wide foot and found these so comfortable.  This year, I decided to try a more minimalist type shoe and again went into a running store to get fit.  I choose the New Balance MR1400NY (this is the pair I have and they are actually a men’s shoe but I loved the colors).

2. Heart Rate Monitor

I have the Polar HRM Watch/Monitor. It was a gift from one of the two friends that inspired me to start running.  I started wearing it so I could monitor my heart rate monitor while pregnant but I grew to love it.  I can watch my heart rate and know exactly how many calories a burn in a workout (which is always WAY off from what the treadmill says I burned!)

3. Technical Socks

Did you know cotton socks aren’t good for running?  I didn’t until I started!  Technical socks wick away moisture which is better for your feet and your shoes.  They last a long time if you hang them to dry.  My personal favorites are the no-show style by Feetures.

4.  No-Slip Headbands

Mine are from Lululemon (headbands are one of the only things I can afford there!) and sadly they don’t seem to be selling the style I love anymore (even my husband stole my blue one to use for cycling).  This style is similar.

5.  ArmBand iPod Holder

I hate the ones that velcro on and almost all of them do.  And then I found this Philips Compression style armband.  It’s amazing.  It’s comfy and stays put without strangling your arm.

6. Headphones

The fit probably depends a lot on your ears but I love my Philips in-Ear buds that run about $14!

7. A good sports bra

I’m top-heavy.  I’ve tried a ridiculous number of sports bras for top-heavy women.  Most are so uncomfortable.  And then I found the Champion Double Dry Seamless Full Support Underwire Sports Bra.  The best sports bra ever.  I’ve had mine for two years and I’m still using them although I see they now come in pretty colors so it may be time for a few new ones! 😉

8. Running Apps

I love MapMyRun, Ease into 5K, and Ease into 10K.  Bridge to 10K is for those than can comfortably run a 5K and want to build endurance to run a 10K.  Cadence is a really cool app that let you pick music from your device based on beats per minute so you can pick songs that match your desired run pace.  For calorie tracking, I use the Livestrong app.

9. Jogging Stroller

I use the Schwinn Turismo Double Swivel Double Jogger.  I did a lot of research when seeking out a double jogger under $300.  I wanted snack trays, individual canopy shades and the option for the front wheel to swivel and lock and this met all those things.  I’ve had it just over two years now and I’m still really happy with it! Now that we have three I often run with my husband and one of us pushed a regular stoller when we run so the Schwinn Turismo Swivel Single Jogger is on my wish list.

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