Potty-training with the Cottonelle Clean Care Routine (Plus, a Bathroom Rules Printable and 10 Tips from “Been There, Done That” Parents)

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Potty-training with the Cottonelle Clean Care Routine (Plus, a Bathroom Rules Printable and 10 Tips from "Been There, Done That" Parents) #CtnlCareRoutine


Potty-training is not for the faint of heart but it’s a bit easier this time around thanks to the Cottonelle Clean Care Routine (we are starting round 3!). My oldest loves how soft the Cottonelle Ultra Care toilet paper is and hasn’t needed any help in the bathroom for a while now, but my 4 year old never wipes her booty quite well enough. And have you ever noticed how toilet paper sticks to littler bums? We are LOVING the Cottonelle Cleansing Cloths. They make for nice clean booties and they are flushable. Perfect for my 4 year to get that cute booty clean on her own and for us to help our almost 2 year old do the same.

Cottonelle Clean Care Routine #ctnlCareRoutine

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This little booty is just too cute not to be nice and clean! :) The cleansing wipes are a great way to transition from baby wipes and easier for kids to use on their own. We are just teaching them to “pat” dry with the toilet paper after wiping with the cleansing cloths first.

Potty-training with the Cottonelle Clean Care Routine (Plus, a Bathroom Rules Printable and 10 Tips from Been There, Done That Parents) #CtnlCareRoutine

Potty-training with the Cottonelle Clean Care Routine (Plus, a Bathroom Rules Printable and 10 Tips from Been There, Done That Parents) #CtnlCareRoutine

Below is a free “Bathroom Rules” printable I designed to keep in this main floor bathroom (and to share with you, of course!). Simply click on the image below to download and print your own (personal use only, please).

Bathroom Rules Printable

And finally, I asked for a little advice on my social media channels and I compiled 10 Tips From “Been There, Done That” Parents that are great no matter what potty-training method you choose:

Save up for leather couches before kids. It’s so much easier to clean pee off leather than fabric! -Me

Accidents are going to happen. It’s part of the child’s learning process. Be prepared for them and be compassionate when they happen. I know mine can be easier said than done. I found that having a script/routine where I said the same thing every time helped me. Kids pick up very quickly on our tone/frustration/annoyance. Staying positive helps everyone feel better and get to the goal faster. -Stacey A.

Understand what motivates your child. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all way to teach them. Some are motivated by games, others by the comfort of panties/undies, some the sheer accomplishment of it, and others by the cleanness of it. Know what they like and go with that. -Melody W.

With some children, attaching a tangible reward may increase some children’s anxiety/sense of defeat if they have accident and fail to get reward. Also, it can cause an increased “tug of war” between the child and parents. Every child is different, but rewards can be ineffective or backfire. -Lauren W.

Do it when THEY are ready, not when you are simply tired of diapers. Not all children are ready at the same time & that’s fine! -Melissa P.

Take the potty chair everywhere with you, keep it in the car when you’re at the park for easy “potty breaks” in the seat they are most familiar and comfortable with. (When you go grocery shopping, have them go before you enter the store and then again right after….etc). -Christie C.

My tip: doesn’t matter what the heck you try, they won’t go till they are ready. LOL — I seriously tried everything and was so frustrated, I finally just said forget it. One day my son walks in and says “I need to go potty” and I swear he never looked back, even held it at night. I just had to wait till he was ready I guess. -Lisa H.

Do it when your child is ready, pressuring too early backfires and a potty in the car is a must! One other thing potty prizes don’t always work  in my experience. Verbal praise worked better than prizes. -Julie M.

When on the go: Carry spare clothes in ziplock freezer bags in the case of an accident so you can seal up the wet clothes and toss them in your purse until you get home. -Yvonne S.

Don’t sweat it if they’re not ready at the same time you are! We feel pressured because of books, peers, etc. but ultimately they do it when they’re ready. Trying to force the issue causes too much stress. This obviously doesn’t apply if they are about to start big school or if they are old enough to drive… :) -Vicki P.

Happy Potty Training! :)

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