Whole30: Week 3’s Complete Meal Plan

Whole30: Week 3's Complete Meal Plan

I can’t believe how fast the weeks for Whole30 are going by! You can find the complete meal plans for Week one and Week two here.

While there’s been a few nights it’s taken everything in me not to cave and have a glass of wine, I’ve stuck to the plan and my pants are so loose, I need to go down a size (to single digits for the first time in like 7 years!). Working out got a little better this week. The lightheadedness I was feeling during workouts has gone away.

DAY 15

Whole30: Week 3's Complete Meal Plan

Breakfast: Sweet and Savory Blueberry “Tortilla”. Sounds a like strange but it was awesome.

Postwork Out: Banana after a 3 mile run

Lunch: Bacon Avocado Lettuce Wrap topped with a Chipotle Roasted Tomato Mayo (I just blended a little dried chipotle, a squeeze of mustard and a roasted tomato into some homemade mayo).

Afternoon Snack: Pistachios and an Apple

Dinner: Grilled Chicken with Rosemary Cream Mushroom Sauce. I did this recipe in the slow cooker and used rosemary this time instead of tarragon. Not quite as creamy in the slow cooker, but definitely delicious.

DAY 16

Whole30: Week 3's Complete Meal Plan

BreakfastSweet and Savory Blueberry “Tortilla” (again because it was so good!)

Work Out: Turbosculpt

Lunch: Aidell’s brand Chicken Apple Sausage with brussel sprouts and sweet potatoes with rosemary

Dinner: Brat with Grilled Onions, Leftover Cabbage and Vanilla Balsamic Sweet Potato Mash. The cabbage is just chopped purple cabbage, apples and onions cooked in a little ghee, chicken stock and apple cider vinegar with fresh rosemary and thyme.

“Dessert”: Piña Colada Smoothie. This was probably bending the rules, although the ingredients are Whole30 compliant and I didn’t have a pre or post workout snack today.

DAY 17

Whole30: Week 3's Complete Meal Plan

Breakfast: Piña Colada Smoothie to fuel up for a few mile run.

Lunch: 100-calorie Organic Wholly Guacamole Pack dipped in 1 serving of Sweets & Beets chips

Pre-Workout Snack: A few of these energy balls. She calls them cookies but they’re really not (very tasty though for sure). They’re just cashews, unsweetened coconut, dates, vanilla (I used real vanilla bean to keep them Whole30 compliant).

Post Workout Snack: 2 hard boiled eggs

Dinner: Barbacoa made with organic chicken thighs. I omit the oil and just throw it all in the slow cooker. I used a large dried chipotle pepper and added  onions and peppers and served it Chipotle Salad Bowl style on a bed of lettuce with spicy salsa and guacamole.

DAY 18

Whole30: Week 3's Complete Meal PlanBreakfast: Two hard boiled eggs and a few energy balls

Lunch: Banana with Almond Butter and Toasted Unsweetened Coconut Flakes and then a few sweet and beets with 100 calorie organic Wholly Guacamole a few hours later

Dinner (totally forgot to snap a pic since we had company for dinner): Bun-less Burgers with grilled onions, coleslaw and baked rosemary sweet potatoes. The coleslaw was just chopped green and purple cabbage, green onions and toasted sesame seeds with a little homemade mayo, apple cider vinegar and sesame oil for the dressing. For the potatoes, I peel and cut them into half-moon ½” thick pieces and toss with Olive Oil, Himalayan Pink Salt and fresh rosemary and bake a 425 for about 20 minutes.

DAY 19

Whole30: Week 3's Complete Meal Plan

Breakfast: Two eggs, two slices bacon, one lil cutie orange

Lunch: Sliced Aidell’s brand Chicken Apple Sausage and colesalaw

Snack: 1 serving Terra Sweet Potato  and Carrot Chips and 100 cal organic Wholly Guacamole pack

Dinner: Oven Baked Coconut Crusted Chicken with mustard sauce and bacon brussel sprouts

DAY 20

Whole30: Week 3's Complete Meal Plan

We had to take our youngest for surgery for ear tubes at 5am this day so we grabbed little meals where we could!

Breakfast: Larabar and Iced Coffee on the go

Lunch: After the hospital we were starving so we had a Piña Colada Smoothie and leftover coconut chicken served cold and dipped in mustard-mayo sauce

Snack: 1 serving Terra Sweet Potato  and Carrot Chips and 100 cal organic Wholly Guacamole pack

Dinner: Grilled Salmon with Garlic and Dill and Prosciutto-Wrapped Asparagus

DAY 21

Whole30: Week 3's Complete Meal Plan

Breakfast: Two hard boiled eggs and half a small cantalope

Lunch: Cobb Salad with Avocado, Bacon, Eggs and Grilled Chicken (this really kept me full all day!)

Dinner: Oven Baked Salt and Vinegar Chicken Drumsticks and oven baked rosemary sweet potato fries with avocado dipping sauce

Stay tuned for the 4th and final week’s complete meal plan next Sunday!

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  1. Heather McKee says:

    When you made the Barbecoa with Chicken, did you make the adobo sauce and then add it to the crock pot, or did you just put all the ingredients into the crock pot with mixing them first?

    I love your meal ideas! My husband and I are on our 2nd week of whole 30. It takes a lot of dedication and planning, but so worth it!

    • Hi Heather! I just put it all in the Crock Pot! So much easier. :) I eat Whole 30 style almost 80% or more of the time now and I’ve lost over 60 pounds without really trying too hard! I would’ve never considering becoming Paleo prior to my Whole30 experience! All the best, Dawn

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