FREE Printable: Babe Ruth Quote

Free Printable: Babe Ruth Quote

FREE PRINTABLE: BABE RUTH QUOTE A friend recently asked if I could do some more printables geared toward boys, so I asked her for any suggestions she had on what they should say. She gave me this excellent motivational quote from Babe Ruth. (Loren, if you are reading this, hi and thank you!). While these could […]

DIY Steampunk Cogs Bleach Tee

Steampunk Cogs Bleach Tee-Dawn Warnaar for Silhouette

DIY Steampunk Cogs Bleach Tee I’m over on the Silhouette blog today, sharing how easy (and fun!) it is to make this Steampunk Cogs Bleach Tee. I get a lot of requests for more boy projects, so here you go! Bleach tees are so simple and one of my favorite DIY projects. Head over to […]

Boy’s Fabric Ink Off the Hook Tee

Boy's Off the Hook-Fabric Ink Tee

If you missed it yesterday, I’m sharing my first post over on the Silhouette Blog for this “Off the Hook” boys tee. Head over and check out how easy it is to make your own! Happy crafting!

DIY Boy’s Reverse Stencil T-Shirt (I’d Flex But I Like This Shirt)

DIY Boy's Reverse Stencil T-Shirt (I'd Flex But...)

I’m so excited to be part of the 2014-2015 Silhouette Design team and although our posts don’t officially start for a few weeks, I couldn’t wait to get started. And oh how I love a good boy project! It’s a bit harder to come up with “cool” boy projects than it is girly ones but […]

DIY Boy’s Room Bunk Beds

DIY Boy's Room Bunkbeds

For several months now, despite the Enchanted Forest Fairytale Room I did for my 4 year old daughter, which has a nice big queen bed since it doubles as our guest room, she and my 5 ½ year old son have chosen to share the twin bed in my son’s room. So we started looking […]

Super Easy DIY 20-Minute Comic Book Pillow

20 Minute Comic Book Pillow

I’m planning to show you my son’s DIY bunk beds and Boy Bedroom tomorrow but I thought I’d share a quick, simple tutorial for this comic book pillow I whipped up during nap time. It’s crazy easy. All You Need: Plain light colored fabric pillow Fabric Markers I pulled up some images online for ideas […]

Boys’ Superhero Birth Stats DIY Wall Art

Boys' Superhero Birth Stat Wall Art

I originally made one of these signs for my cousins’ new baby boy as a gift but I thought they may not want all their newborns info all over my blog, so I made one up for my son (who is now 5 but, hey, better late than never!). What You’ll Need: Flat Canvas (I […]

Boy’s Room Mini-Makeover {with Chalk Paint Dresser}

Chalk Paint Dresser/Boy's Room Mini-Makeover

My son started Kindergarten this year so it was high-time I gave him a proper big boy room…on a budget! I spent around $50 to give his room a little overhaul. With moving as much as we do, our furniture gets scratched up like you wouldn’t believe so my main part of the makeover was […]

Re-Run: The Boys’ Faux-Layered Christmas Tee


It’s high time for a project for the boys!  I’m making it a priority to start coming up with more boy projects.  Here’s a fun little shirt for Christmas that’s festive but also doesn’t scream “Christmas shirt”.  I made my son’s in a size up so that it will (hopefully) fit him next year too. […]

DIY Boys Easter Bucket (Made from a plastic Dollar Store bucket)

I bought these plastic Easter buckets at the Dollar Store and turned them into cute little personalised Easter baskets using Mod Podge, fabric scraps, and tissue paper.  Not only was this really easy, but it only took about an hour! What You’ll Need: Cheap plastic Easter bucket/basket Fabric Scraps (I used burlap, canvas trim and […]

Boys St. Paddy’s Day Tee


This is a quick, easy tee to make your little man for St. Patty’s Day.  I actually made this last year and don’t have full pictures but like I said, it’s super easy so I’ll walk you through the steps to make it!   What You’ll Need: Vinyl Letters (I buy these at WalMart by […]

Boys’ Subway Art Tee

I decided to hop on the Subway Art trend by designing a tee for my little man, because once again I’m overdue for sharing a boy project.  I’ve got several in the works though! What You’ll Need: T-Shirt Freezer Paper Fabric Paint (I use Tulip Slick and Tulip Soft) Silhouette/Craft Cutter/Exacto Knife If you have […]

Patterns to Love: Izzy & Ivy Designs Jack ‘N Jill Hat

I’m a big hat person and when I saw this pattern for the Jack ‘N Jill Hat by Izzy & Ivy I had to buy it.  I love that you can make a version for a girl or a boy.  I’m planning to make a muslin version for my son for this summer. The boys […]

Using Freezer Paper Stencils and Appliques on T-Shirts, Part 2

Yesterday I posted “Using Freezer Paper Stencils and Appliques on Tee, Part 1“.  Read Part 1 to go over the supplies and basics also used in this part of the tutorial.  In part two and I’ll be showing you how to use freezer paper stencils with paint and fabric pen/marker mediums to make a fun […]

Using Freezer Paper Stencils and Appliques on T-Shirts, Part 1

While having a craft cutting machine like the Silhouette makes making these types of t-shirts easier, it can certainly be done by hand.  Before I got the Silhouette, I used small, sharp quilting detail scissors/an exacto knife to cut out my freezer paper stencils and applique pieces. Here are the two shirts I made my […]