How to Etch Glass

Did you know etching glass is relatively simple?  All you really need is a stencil and some etching cream!  The possibilities of the things you can make with this basic concept are endless. What You’ll Need: Something glass (*Some kinds of Pyrex do not etch well) Etching Cream (such as Etch All or Amour Etch) […]

Using Freezer Paper Stencils and Appliques on T-Shirts, Part 2

Yesterday I posted “Using Freezer Paper Stencils and Appliques on Tee, Part 1“.  Read Part 1 to go over the supplies and basics also used in this part of the tutorial.  In part two and I’ll be showing you how to use freezer paper stencils with paint and fabric pen/marker mediums to make a fun […]

Using Freezer Paper Stencils and Appliques on T-Shirts, Part 1

While having a craft cutting machine like the Silhouette makes making these types of t-shirts easier, it can certainly be done by hand.  Before I got the Silhouette, I used small, sharp quilting detail scissors/an exacto knife to cut out my freezer paper stencils and applique pieces. Here are the two shirts I made my […]

Basics Tutorial: Shirring on a Brother Sewing Machine with Drop-In Bobbin

When I first learned how to shirr on my sewing machine, I had a hard time finding a good tute using a Brother on account of the drop-in bobbin style so I want to share what I find works wonderfully for me (after a lot of trial and error!).  This may sound complicated but I […]

Bunches of Bleach Tees

Bleach tees are so much fun to make (and they’re super easy too!).  All you need is a t-shirt and a spray bottle full of a 50/50 Clorox bleach/water solution or a Clorox Bleach Pen.  I use either freezer paper stenciling or stick-on vinyl letters to make my designs.  Basically, you stick/iron them onto the […]

Fabric Storage Tip: Mini-Fabric Bolts

Want an easy, cheap, and effective way to store your fabrics?  All you need is a pack of Comic Book Backing Boards.  You can buy 100 boards for under $10 (just click the link).  Then simply wrap your fabric onto the boards for instant mini-bolts of fabric.  Nice and organized…and an easy to see what you’ve […]