Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! And so we end another year! This marks almost 4 years of doing this blogging thing, which simply started as a hobby to keep myself busy when we lived in a tiny Oklahoma town. It continues to blow my mind that so many of you follow along and I’m so […]

Designer Insights Interview


I was recently asked to give an Interview as part of the Designer Insights Interview Series for UK-based company, Terry’s Blinds. They did a feature on their site and I thought it would be fun to share the interview and cool graphic they put together with you all! Image Courtesy of: Terrys Blinds The sources for my […]

Be Kind…or Be Quiet

Be Kind or Be Quiet. Thoughts on Being Kind on the Internet and Throwing Kindess Around Like Confetti |By Dawn Nicole

  Be Kind…or Be Quiet If you’ve spent any time on the Internet, you’ve surely seen the negative, rude, and sometimes downright nasty comments that abound. I’m not sure what it is about the “anonymity” of the Internet that causes people to feel comfortable saying things they would never say to someone’s face but it […]

My First Magazine Publication!

Somerset Home 2014 Volume 9

  Several months ago, I was contacted by the managing editor of Somerset Home and asked if they could do a one-page feature on my French Typography Trunk Makeover. I was ecstatic of course but it also meant keeping a huge secret for months! I’m the kind of person who can’t buy gifts ahead of […]

10 Tips for Working From Home with Kids

When you work from home, the distractions are many. Between the emails, the phone calls and the social media marketing, there is also never-ending piles of dirty laundry, nap times to manage, diapers to change, meals to cook, and a whole house to keep up. Not to mention things like finding time to work out […]

Lead Poisoning: Could It Happen In Your Home?

Lead Poisoning: Could it Happen in Your Home?

Have you ever had to fill out a Lead Risk Questionnaire at your child’s annual well-child check up? We have many times and having lived in several old houses we usually have a risk factor or two that requires us to have them tested. Usually they come back with undetectable amounts. I’ve never thought too […]

Creative Type Designs


As many of you know, I went back to school a while back to obtain my Graphic & Web Design degree. I’m nearing completion of the Graphic Design part and even got my first official client. So I decided to make it official. I obtained my business license, created my website, and even worked a […]

Merry Christmas!

I’m taking the next week off blogging to spend quality time with my family! I feel like my days go by at 60 mph lately. I’m forcing myself to take break from technology to give my undivided attention to my family. That’s something I don’t do it often enough! It’s been over two years since […]

I’m Going Back to School…Again


This picture is a freshly printed Orientation Schedule and Program Guide.  I’m 31 years old and I’m going back to school…again.  I actually like school.  It’s just that I already have a lot on my plate as it is…a house to keep up, 3 small kids, and blogging, among other things!  So going back to […]

A little update (and pics of the new house!)

I know posts have been far and few between during our move transition but by mid September we’ll be settled and I’ll be back to my usual posting frequency.  In the meantime, I am SO excited to share pics of our new home with you.  We found an amazing historic home to rent that was […]

I’m taking a little Bloggy Break Because…

…We are moving!!!!!!!!!! Being a military family means you are never in one place more than a few years.  We started in Charleston, SC and lived there for four years.  Then we moved to Altus, OK where we have currently been living for the past 3 years.  Never heard of Altus?  That’s not surprising!  It’s […]

The Lyla Dress: PDF Pattern Coming Soon!

UPDATE: CHECK OUT THE OFFICIAL PATTERN RELEASE/PURCHASE INFO HERE! I’m SO excited to share this with you! This is the “Lyla” dress and it will be my first PDF pattern release. It has a shirred bodice, a sweet ruffled “mermaid” hemline, and big bow tied straps. Share Photos of things you make using my tutes […]

A little update (and a few baby pics!)

Catnaps. This is an accurate picture of a good part of my days lately…When I’m not doing stuff for my 2 and 3 1/2 year old anyway! (And on this day, I actually did my hair which has only happened about once since Quinn’s birth!) I’m a person who finds it hard to slow down […]

Goodbye, GFC…Hello, BlogLovin’

Just a quick note to let you know that I signed up for Blog Lovin’ since Google Friend Connect is going away. Click here to follow me via Blog Lovin’ instead “We created bloglovin´ so you wouldn’t have to visit un-updated blogs, open ten windows in your browser, or forget your favorite blogs web-addresses. With […]