Find Your Strong Printable {Four Color Options!}

Find Your Strong Hand-Lettered Printable (in four color options)

I designed this while going through the Insanity workout but “finding your strong” can apply to so many of life’s challenges so I thought it would make a great printable. Just pop it in a cute frame for some instant motivation. These are free as usual but I’d love for you to like my Graphic […]

DIY Women’s No-Slip Headbands {Great for running and working out!}

Women's DIY No-Slip Headbands. Great for running and working out!

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen this picture I posted a few weeks ago about a cute running headband my sweet neighbor made me. It stayed on so well during my runs and workout sessions, I asked her if she had used a tutorial. She said she just made it up […]

Running my First Half {The Mother’s Day Half Marathon}

Half Marathon

A few weeks ago, I posted some Thoughts & Tips from Training for My First Half Marathon. This past Sunday on Mother’s Day, I ran that first half marathon so I thought I’d share a bit about how it went. I’m still alive (obviously) but I walked like I was 88 years old for the […]

13.1: Only Half Crazy -Thoughts & Tips from Training for my First Half Marathon

The running and fitness series I kicked off this year with have turned out to be some of the year’s most popular posts so far. Who knew? So I thought I’d share a bit about my training for my first half marathon for those of you thinking you might like to try one. Picking a […]

Clean Eating Plan {with a Sample 1,500 Calorie Daily Menu}

If you were around at the beginning of this year, you’ll recall I started the year with a week-long series on Running/Working Out. Since I really committed to working out consistently over the last few months, I’ve lost 15 pounds and 10 inches. I got stuck in a plateau for about 6 weeks and decided […]

New Year, New You: Running Week Summary and GIVEAWAY {Enter to win a 1 year Subscription to Women’s Health Magazine}!

                             Source: via Dawn on Pinterest   I kicked off this week telling you all about Why I Run.  I know this is usually a craft and DIY blog and you can expect it to go back to that after today, […]

New Year, New You: 5 Ways to Stay Motivated

1. Get Support I joined a private Facebook group of ladies who support and encourage each other that’s run by a friend of mine who is a Beachbody coach.  It really helps motivate me to work out when I see the other women posting about their workouts and we encourage each other through struggles as […]

New Year, New You: Beyond Running

Here are just a few more points of interest for running week before we finish up tomorrow with How to Stay Motivated and a Giveaway for a 1 Year Subscription to Women’s Health Magazine on Sunday.  The following are simply a few of my favorite workout and health-related things. 1. What I do on Cross […]

New Year, New You: My Favorite Running Gear and Apps

One of the best parts about running is you don’t need anything fancy other than a good pair of running shoes but there are a lot of gadgets that are helpful.  These are my personal favorites. 1. Running Shoes I got fitted at a running store and after trying many pairs, I started out in […]

New Year, New You: 7 Tips for Making Time to Run

I saw this quote on a sign the other day: “Someone busier than you is running right now”.  Everyone is busy.  Everyone has days when they legitimately can’t squeeze in a work out.  But there are ways to make time.  It just has to be high on your priority list.  I talked a bit about how I […]

New Year, New You: 10 Beginner Running Tips

I remember dreading gym class in the school years.  I went through a chubby phase in Jr. High and we moved for the first time when I was headed into 8th grade.  Being the new, chubby girl was not a fun year for me.  I recall having to run around the Jr. High building in […]

New Year, New You Series: Why I Run…

                                                Source: via Dawn on Pinterest   I started running because it was a simple New Years Resolution. I wanted to learn to love something I thought I hated. Here’s why […]