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I do accept guest posts and I love featuring other up and coming bloggers! As of October 2014, has 15,ooo+ collective readers and gets over 100K page views per month. I’m also a contributor on the 2014-2015 Silhouette Design Team and Capturing Joy with Kristen Duke.

I will promote your post on all my social media channels just as I would my own.

Here are my current guest post guidelines:

  • You must be a blogger. I’d love for you to include a little into about yourself, a link to your blog, and where my readers can find and follow you on social media. (If you’re an Etsy shop owner or something like that and would like to share a tutorial that’s ok, too).
  • The guest posts must be in the form of a tutorial. Craft or sewing tutorials will be welcome as will recipe guest posts.  All I require is that the tutorial/recipe fits in with my overall blog theme (DIY). We try to limit processed foods, so I prefer to post “from scratch” (or mostly from scratch) type recipes on my blog.
  •  The post must have big, clear (in-focus) pictures. I’m an amateur “photographer” myself so they don’t have to be perfect but they do need to be bright and well-lit. I try to take all my pics outdoors or near a big window with a lot of natural light. Pictures must be a minimum of 500 pixels wide, 600 is preferred.
  • You are welcome to post a “teaser” on your blog with a main picture of the project and a link to the full  post on Designed by Dawn Nicole on the day it does live here, but I do ask that you please wait two weeks before re-sharing the entire post on your own blog. I’ll send you some changes/text you’ll need to add so Google doesn’t penalize us for “scraping”. :)
  • Here are a few great examples of past guest posts: DIY Rustic Noel Décor, DIY Wooden Dog Crate/End Table, DIY Anthropologie-Inspired Wooden Coasters.

Giveaway Guidelines

If you’re an Etsy shop owner or business that would like to have me host a giveaway on the blog, read on or email me to discuss what you have in mind. I am very selective about giveaways/sponsored posts. Products must fit in with the DIY/Healthy focus of my blog and they must be something I’d actually use or buy myself. I will NOT promote something I can’t try first. In order to give an honest opinion, I must experience the product. I feel very strongly about staying true to my blog’s focus and not being a “sell-out”. If you see it on my blog, it’s something I really love and use! :)

  • I will do a spotlight on your shop (I will have you write it) and share some pics of your products.
  • I use Rafflecopter to hold giveaways and submit to several giveaway sites, including Giveaway Promote.
  • You will be able to ask people to follow you via social media channels or have them visit your site and comment with their favorite products as ways for people to enter.
  • I do not charge for this service, but I do ask that giveaway be valued at a minimum of $100 or that if you’re giving away something more inexpensive that you giveaway several of them to add up to the minimum value.
  • Please ship/deliver the item(s) to the winner promptly.
  • Giveaways will be open for entries for 10 days.
  • View a past sample giveaways here and here.
  • You can see examples of my product reviews here (UncommonGoods), here (Sharpie), here (Hello Kitty Let’s Play line), here (Cottonelle), here (Martha Stewart Home Office review and giveaway), and here (PLAID FolkArt Handmade Charlotte Stencils).

If you’re interested in Guest Posting here at or having me host a giveaway, please contact me via email with your ideas.

I look forward to hearing from you!