S’mores Bars

My kids love marshmallows and a while back I made these S’mores Cookies after seeing them on Pinterest.  My son went nuts over marshmallows being on cookies (ok, so did my hubby).  I’ve been wanting to try making s’mores bars so I reviewed a few recipes online and picked one closest to the ingredients I had […]

You Know You’re a Mom When…

Photo: Portrait Innovations …You can’t remember the last time you slept in but you know it’s been years. …You find Hot Wheels in your make up bag (and under the couches, TV stand, and in every other room of the house). …You can smell a stinky diaper from 3 rooms away. …You know that it’s […]

Bunches of Bleach Tees

Bleach tees are so much fun to make (and they’re super easy too!).  All you need is a t-shirt and a spray bottle full of a 50/50 Clorox bleach/water solution or a Clorox Bleach Pen.  I use either freezer paper stenciling or stick-on vinyl letters to make my designs.  Basically, you stick/iron them onto the […]

Boys Collared Bleach Tie Tee

Bleach tees are super fun to make and the possibilities are endless.  I made this one by using a tie freezer paper stencil and adding a faux-collar (from one of my old button-down shirts from back in my working days).  After the pic, I’ll get into the tue for how to make your own for […]

Fabric Storage Tip: Mini-Fabric Bolts

Want an easy, cheap, and effective way to store your fabrics?  All you need is a pack of Comic Book Backing Boards.  You can buy 100 boards for under $10 (just click the link).  Then simply wrap your fabric onto the boards for instant mini-bolts of fabric.  Nice and organized…and an easy to see what you’ve […]

Easy Chicken Tortilla Soup

This soup is hearty, delicious, fast, easy, and perfect on a cool Autumn or cold Winter day! Makes about 6 meal-sized servings – Prep: 5 minutes – Cook time: 30 minutes Ingredients: 1 (16oz) loaf Velveeta, cubed ¼ cup half ‘n half or milk 1 medium sized jar of your favorite salsa 1 (10 oz) […]

Pleated Tote

This cute pleated tote has been in my “to-do” sewing folder for about a year now and I finally got around to making it.  It’s a free tute from Artsy-Craftsy Babe which you can download here.  She makes and sells a great selection of cute bag patterns.  I’m a huge fan of PDF patterns anyway […]

Just Like Jamba Juice’s Chunky Strawberry Topper

We love smoothie’s around here.  I’ve found it to be a really easy way to get my picky toddlers to eat healthy food daily.  My favorite smoothie is Jamba Juice’s Chunk Strawberry Topper.  The closest one to us is about two hours away though!  A while back, I replicated this smoothie and we always have […]

The Boys’ Faux-Layered Christmas Tee

Todays Creative Blog

It’s high time for a project for the boys!  I’m making it a priority to start coming up with more boy projects.  Here’s a fun little shirt for Christmas that’s festive but also doesn’t scream “Christmas shirt”.  I made my son’s in a size up so that it will (hopefully) fit him next year too. […]

It’s Totally Ok…

                                                                                 Source: gorgeoustakethecity.tumblr.com via Dawn on Pinterest …if Wednesday play dates are the only day you […]

The Ruffled Yoga Mini

Link Party

My scrap bin is overflowing, so I made this skirt entirely out of fabric scraps from my bin.  It’s a cute, knit mini with a yoga style waistband that’s a breeze to make and comfy for playing in.  Never sewn with knits?  For this project, all you really need to know is to use a […]

It’s Totally Ok…

                                                                                    Source: artsyvava.blogspot.com via Dawn on Pinterest …to still be totally clueless about how […]