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    Thank you so much for sharing! I’m working to grow my Instagram and really appreciate you taking the time to help others grow and pursue their passions.

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    Great info as always Dawn! I recently started an “on-brand” vs my personal mish-mash IG account and with Insta finally giving us an easy way to switch back and forth I’m having fun with it. Not the success that YOU had but it’s up to 600 in a month and it has taken me since Insta started to get to 2500 on my personal IG. I do have one question for you…. I notice you don’t follow back many, and that’s always something I have done is follow back.. maybe it’s from twitter trainings but I just wonder what your strategy is on following back. who do you follow and who don’t you follow other than the obvious spammers and scammers and why? IG: ColoringBookAddicts 🙂

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      Hi Chrissy! I think all success is great success. I only put my numbers in to help motivate people and there are many people who’ve done this better than I. Because I get so many notifications and follows in a day, it’s hard to always follow people back but beyond that I’ve never been a fan of “follow for follow” things on any form of social media. I want people to follow me because they are interested in what I’m sharing and vice versa, not because it was a follow for follow (I also think “follow for follow” stuff can get spammy, especially when people outright say “I followed you so you should follow me”). If you follow too many people there’s no way to keep up so I try to mainly follow accounts of “real life” friends and family and accounts that really inspire me (most of the people I follow don’t follow me back…and that’s ok…that’s not why I follow them). In real life, I’m a super introverted person. I’d much rather be in a room with 2-3 close friends than a large group so I think my majorly introvert tendencies, spill over into my digital life as well, especially my personal FB account. 😉 I hope my rambling makes some kind of sense!

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    Thank you so much for your honesty and generosity when it comes to helping others find their niche and grow their blog. I’ve had a blog for a few years now but only recently feel like I’ve found my voice. I’ve been slowly making changes to my IG feed since the start of the year and you’ve already been a big help without even knowing it, so thank you! I’m feeling a bit disheartened with the recent IG changes but reminding myself to just keep sharing about what I love.

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    Thanks for such great tips. I’m a complete Instagram beginner (at least, I’ve had one virtually unused IG account for a couple of years.) Your post has made me determined to change my ways. One thing (of the many) that I don’t yet understand is why your hashtags are clickable links. How does that work? For example, I used a random hashtag in a caption I posted today because I thought it was a) relevant; and, b) quite clever but of course there is nothing for it to link to. Is there a way for me to use clickable hashtags?

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    thankyou for sharing such valuable information. i learned from your suggestions and am currently managing two accounts. one is my lettering/ coffee/art/ inspirations page and other is very specific to motorcycle art, which i truly love. I have been trying to grow my account organically. but i am noticing that it grows at a very slow and steady pace on an average of just 100 followers per month. did you face the same static flow in your starting days?
    nidhi recently posted…Life like a nomad..My Profile

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      Hi Nidhi, it varied quite a bit in 2015. Each month I saw a 10%-30% increase in followers. I track it on a spreadsheet. In 2016, it’s been more like 10%-20% each month. But I think the key is that you’re just moving forward. If you’re seeing a regular increase, no matter how small, you’re on the right track. And your work is amazing, by the way! 🙂

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    Thank you for the effort of writing all of this down. My IG (sas_colors_life) is slowly growing. I haven’t seen it as a brand yet. Maybe I should. So far it is just a place to show my progress on lettering and a bit of playing with water color.

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    Thank you so much for sharing all that you do! I have an Instagram account for my lettering business @artandsoular and I am looking forward to trying some of the things you talked about.
    Thanks again,

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